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Consumer Account Application

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Debt Collection Services
Bonded Representative At All Points
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Since 1953

Consumer Claims Pertain to underling transactions that benefit a consumer, a family unit,
or a consumer's household.

Claim Amount: $ Date (M,D,Y)
To validate "this" debt please: fax or mail or upload statement of account or invoice(s).
Insufficient Funds Check.
Customer Name Creditor Name
Street Address

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City, State, Zip
Street Address
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City, State, Zip
Telephone Telephone
Fax Fax
Contact name Contact Name
Email Address Email Address

We hereby place for collection claim shown hereon, and authorize you
to proceed in accordance with your usual rate schedule.

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Benefits - Terms - Conditions

  • 30% fee contingent on collection for claims $400.00 and above unless otherwise specified.
  • Prepaid fee program available for small balance accounts.
  • Our attorneys represent your company on a contingent basis.
  • No claims are settled or suits brought against debtors without client authorization.
  • Funds must be advanced to institute suit action. A minimum suit fee of 10% will be charged when suit is brought, in addition to the standard attorney fee.
  • A fee will be charged if a claim is withdrawn after collection proceedings have been started. We charge 1/2 our usual rate when claims are settled by the return of merchandise.
  • No contracts to sign or yearly subscription fees to pay.
  • No collection - no charge.


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